“The bike is FANTASTIC. Every turn of that engine was like a swiss watch. It runs great. It tracks great. It looks great. It shifts great. You could tell it’s brand new. It’s..perfect.” Angelo P. (west coast)

“I have been riding the bike every chance I get, and it just keeps feeling stronger and stronger. She is beautiful! I drove it home, and it’s 1969 all over again! Thanks for such a superb piece of work!” Rich B. (east coast)

“Your guy from Australia called me today asking about the bike. Simply I told him our bike is really, I mean really nice. And it’s on display here at the Honda Museum.” Tony I. (Honda Motor Co.)

“Hey Vic, First Place Seattle Roadster Show, best restored. It beat out a restored ’47 Knucklehead, and they were not happy!” Don H. (Washington)

“I put the bike on the lawn, and covered it with a white sheet. My friend is a judge at various motorcycle shows here, who came with his friend who owns a CB750 himself. I pulled the cover off, dramatically, to unveil the bike, neither said a word. They just looked at the bike, then they got closer… and closer… and closer, until they were on their knees! They never spoke for fifteen minutes!...they were pretty impressed.” Will D. (England)

“I have just started the bike, and it runs great with a wonderful sound. This is the sound I have in my ears from the seventies!. I’m absolutely enthusiastic about it!.” Roland S. (Germany)

“The machine is beautiful and arrived safe and sound . . . it is like stepping back in time.” Dan S. (American Motorcyclist Assn.)




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